job opportunities

Being in Fort Worth at ISCC & GCxGC 2017 is the perfect time to learn, network, and find the perfect job.  If you have a job opportunity that you would like to advertise, please contact the conference organizers via email ( and we would be happy to post it.  Job postings will also be displayed near the coffee breaks in Crystal B/C for the duration of the meeting.  Job postings should include a way for candidates to contact the posting company and interviews will need to be arranged separately from the conference.  

Shell Oil Company

Two positions for analytical scientists are available with the Shell Oil Company.  Click on the advertisements to the left to download the complete job posting and find out how to apply.  The positions available are as follows:

  • Analytical Researcher
  • Analytical Researcher - Solid-state Characterization


PerkinElmer has two open positions for chromatography-related product managers. The first is for a GC Product Manager and the second for a Chromatography Data System Product Manager. We are actively seeking candidates to fill both of these positions. Please click on the job descriptions on the left for further details. You can apply for these positions through the following webpage links: 

Product Manager - Gas Chromatography (Shelton, CT) - Download pdf

Product Manager Data Systems (Shelton, CT) - Download pdf

 Andy Tipler, the Chromatography Research Manager at PerkinElmer, is here at this conference and would be pleased to meet with you if you would like an informal discussion about the company and these opportunities. You can reach him on 1-203-583-9436 or