Abstract submission is encouraged in all areas of interest as a wide array of topics will be covered at both ISCC & GCxGC.  All abstracts must be submitted using the online form and must adhere to the following submission schedule:

Deadlines Final.jpg

Ready to begin the abstract process?  

  1. Download the "ISCC & GCxGC 2019 Abstract Template."

  2. Enter your information into the template. Please do not change file formatting including fonts, font sizes, and margins. When complete, delete all of the red instructions.  All abstracts must remain one page in length.

  3. Save as a Word document (other formats including pdf's cannot be accepted).

  4. Please complete the attached form and upload your abstract. Further information and instruction will be conveyed upon submission of your abstract.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email info@isccgcxgc.com.  Thank you!

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